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about me


I grew up in Cushing, OK. I've always been drawn to the outdoors whether it be for hunting, fishing, camping, or a combination. Growing up I also had a strong desire to build and create things which pushed me to learn CAD software. I took my first job as a designer at a company manufacturing oil rigs. 5 years later I found myself in Denver, CO designing gas compressor units. It was during this time that I discovered web development and the tech community. I am so thankful that I discovered coding and the beautiful things that can be created with it.

Web Development

I am extremely excited about software and design! I have become extremely passionate about developing web apps and love learning new technologies.

CAD Design

Designing mechanical parts and machines with 3D software and producing detailed manufacturing drawings was my first career.

3D Printing

I have a 3D printer that I use as a hobby and for personal projects. Prototyping and creating has always been a source of fun for me.

My Skills


This is my bread and butter. I am comfortable solving difficult problems with JavaScript.

Node / Express

Experienced in building full web apps using the express server-side framework running on NodeJS.

MongoDB / PostgreSQL

Using document based NoSQL, and also relational SQL databases on the server.

API's / Angular

Building back-end API to server information to a responsive front-end using the AngularJS framework.


Designing UI using bootstrap, other frameworks, or completely from scratch. Also familiar with jade, hbs, sass, and scss.

git / tdd

The importance of version control and merging with colaborators is a must.
Check out my github.
Used testing such as Jasmine, Gradle, Mocha, Chai, Junit, and rSpec.

“You know that feeling as a kid when you realize Santa Clause isn't real? Well discovering the tech world is the opposite.”

~ me ~